A comprehensive program for teams that are ready to commit

Our Agile-as-a-Service Professional Program is delivered inside your business over 8 sprints, for the absolute best retention and implementation rates. Then we continue to deliver insightful Sprint Reports for a further 18 sprints. Yep, that’s 12 months of value!

Put Agile into practice as soon as you start, then perfect it with a whole year of support.

$139 per sprint (26 sprints) | $2,799 Full Professional Program

Price is per person and in USD, excluding GST.

Agile Scrum checklist

Get a head start by downloading our Agile Scrum Checklist

and find out what your team’s ready to implement today!


What’s in the Professional Program

  • 10 How to be Agile workshops, delivered in person, in your offices
    • Agile-as-a-Service: How it works
    • Technical Overview
    • Estimation
    • User Story Writing I
    • Executive Overview
    • Social Contract Creation
    • Roles & Responsibilities Mapping
    • Sprint Retrospective
    • Sprint Review
    • Definition of Done
  • 8 vital cheatsheets
    • Anatomy of a Sprint
    • Anatomy of Scrum
    • Anatomy of a User Story
    • Roles & Responsibilities Cheatsheet
    • Sprint Retrospective Sample
    • Reporting & Burndown Cheatsheet
    • Anatomy of DevOps
    • Coding Standards Cheatsheet
  • Special deliveries, straight to your door
    • Agile Manifesto Agile 12 Principles posters
    • Social Contract poster
    • 5 decks of Planning Poker
  • Tooling set up and licences (12 months)
    • Axosoft – 1 user licence for each program participant
    • Scrummunicate – 10 licences for internal & external project stakeholders
  • Live Ask Me Anything sessions, every week for 12 months
  • Sprint Reporting for 12 months (26 sprints)

Get ahead of the pack


Perfect for individual personal & professional development. Whether you're a student, seasoned developer or aspiring Scrum Master, prepare yourself to be an Agile evangelist in your current and future teams.

4 fundamental workshops,

delivered via video at your own pace

Our most valuable Agile Cheat Sheets & posters

5 decks for Planning Poker 

Live Ask Me Anything sessions for 12 months

Train your unicorn


For complex teams who want to nail their Agile transition by ensuring their whole development process is ready.

14 How to be Agile workshops, delivered in person (Including DevOps & Coding Standards)

8 vital Cheat Sheets & 3 posters

5 decks for Planning Poker

12 month licences for Axosoft & Scrummunicate  + both tools set up for your unique needs

Live Ask Me Anything sessions for 12 months

Sprint Reporting for 12 months

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