The magic of agile training

What happens with a lack of agile training? High value, high impact technology projects fail due to poor management, poor communication or lack of professionalism. It doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, I bet you already know this.

You also know that an Agile methodology is the solution to making your team more productive and happy, your projects done on time, and your customers ecstatic that you’ve addressed their every need.

A good Agile team is a unicorn.

Magical things happen within them, around them and because of them.

Agile teams save money

Our clients get results. It’s that simple.

What could your team do with an extra eight hours a week? The average development team loses 20% of their time to changing their focus, communicating to stakeholders, and resolving quality issues.

Our Agile teams get this time back to spend on making real progress on important projects.

If you pay your developers $80k, how much are you paying for lost productivity?

We save our clients an average of over $16,000 a year, per developer… forever.

Agile is a commitment

Agile isn’t just a toolset or a type of meeting. It’s a fundamental shift in your team’s and your company’s culture. For most teams, reading a book, buying a new tool or sending a delegate to a single workshop will simply not cut it for a successful whole-team Agile transition.

Every individual involved needs to understand Agile, believe in Agile and breathe Agile. And that takes time.

Our Agile Services

Whether you’re just starting out or have multiple mature teams, our agile experience will help you level up to higher performance. If you’re not sure what you need to unlock your team’s potential, check out our Assessment. If you know what you need and you want to partner with an agency that will default to ensuring your success, find out more through our Agile Program.

We can help you be better. For us, that means high levels of reliability, delivery, predictability, and quality while keeping your people happy and healthy.


Get clear insight into your teams performance by conducting a proven assessment methodology by experienced agile coaches who have the ability to synthesize complex team dynamics, intricate product requirements, and organizational culture.

Quantitative analysis via a self-paced survey

Qualitative analysis via interviews of key positions

Interactive portal for you to discover your teams strengths and weaknesses

Roadmap to High Performance Agility


Leverage your Agile journey so far to level up your performance. Engage our experienced team of agile coaches, trainers, and consultants to help you unlock your teams’ potential and deliver high quality software in more reliable and innovative ways. We’ll build an approach that suits your needs exactly, sensitive to your organization’s unique context, complexity, and culture.

Workshops and training sessions to help you get your practices refined

Advisory and thought leadership on best approaches for your org

Coaching (team and 1-on-1) to unlock performance at all levels

Leadership support through reporting, data, and consulting

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