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We live and breath agile

We don’t take ourselves too seriously here at softsolutions. Instead, we use up all our seriousness on making sure you get the best of us, every time.

That’s why our values might seem a little different to the rest of the IT industry. Click here to see how we differentiate from others.

Living our values means putting people first, business second and technology third: we build human relationships before we build software, and we’ve banned jargon – except in our technical documents!

We also believe that enlightenment breeds enlightenment, which is why we couldn’t help but share our passion for the power of Agile, leading to our Agile-as-a-Service programs.

Our team is compact and light on its feet, but we have the skills and experience to support projects of all sizes. Every one of us is empowered to love what we do, be authentic and challenge convention.

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Agile Assessment

Get clear insight into your teams performance by conducting a proven assessment methodology by experience agile coaches who have the ability to synthesize complex team dynamics, intricate product requirements, and organizational culture.

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Agile Program

Leverage your Agile journey so far to level up your performance. Engage our experienced team of agile coaches, trainers, and consultants to help you unlock your teams’ potential and deliver high quality software in more reliable and innovative ways. We’ll build an approach that suits your needs exactly, sensitive to your organization’s unique context, complexity, and culture.

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