What they do

What we do

Come in with any army of consultants ready to tell you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Work with you to figure out the right mix of consulting and coaching to best understand your needs before co-creating a plan on what/how/when.

Come in, change things around, leave. Short-term thinking for a short-term engagement.

Take a long-term and greater-good approach to change within the host organizational culture.

Big-bang implementation across the board in one fell swoop.

Incremental, feedback-driven implementation based on learning, greatest need, and highest value dimensions.

Focus on tools, practices, and procedures to unlock incremental gains.

Focus on values, behaviors, mindsets to unlock exponential gains.

Write an email.

Have a conversation.

Teach agile systems based on generic off-the-shelf frameworks and models that your organization must change to fit into.

Co-create and train specific frameworks with the host organization in order to meet current and emerging needs.

Leave the organization in a state of change (Chaos?) without instilling the knowledge needed to self sustain.

Focus on instilling an understanding of continious learning in order to allow for adaptability and self-sustainability long after we have gone.

Implement wide-spread frameworks that do not meet needs of individual areas of your business, leading to negative impact on effectiveness and efficiency.

Provide guidance to each area of your organization in a way that meets their needs whilst also adhering to organization-wide standards.

Takes a “best-practice” approach to agile transformations, with no regards to the variability and complexity of the organization.

Take a blended approach to frameworks, by carefully crafting approaches that attend to the variability and complexity of your organization.