Agile has become the new norm when it comes to digital software development practices.

Most organizations have at least started on the Agile journey*, but how do you know what’s working and what’s not? Our Assessment is a way to validate your particular journey against your competitors, your industry, or the other software development teams around the world.

Your first step will be to decide the scope of the Assessment. Some clients have chosen to assess all their teams, whilst others have selected specific teams. The choice is yours. From there, we spring to action on two fronts:


We use a self-paced survey to get wide insights from all your team members. We collate information in a way that shows us the dimensions of Agility that your teams are doing better than the average, and those areas where they need some more help.


Raw cold data is useful but put into context, it is insightful and actionable. To complement what we learn through the quantitative analysis, our experienced agile coaches will conduct interviews with key personnel to get deep insight “from the trenches”.


Once we have these two datasets, we deploy our team’s decades of agile experience in analyzing and synthesizing the current state of play for your defined team(s). As we delve into the complexity of your teams, the product, and the domain, we gain a deep understanding of the parts of your organization that require attention.

We then present this understanding back to you for digestion and feedback before finalizing the assessment with the takeaways.

Agile Scrum checklist

Get a head start by downloading our Agile Scrum Checklist

and find out what your team’s ready to implement today!


You will be given 2 takeaways:

1.  Comparative Analytics.
An interactive portal for you to access survey results collated to show your team’s assessment against 7000 other teams across the world (the World Index) or compared to your industry.

2.  Roadmap for High Performance Agility.
A document that outlines a series of findings and recommendations based on our deep and wide approach to data collection. Each recommendation is actionable advice that will move the needle towards higher performance.

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