Flexibility. Adaptability. Context-aware.

Our Agile Program, iXFORM, is built unique to your needs, and adapts as your organization changes.

Let’s face it – Agile Coaching is a premium privilege that few have the ability to engage. On the surface, coaching seems to have a murky value proposition (or ROI). And with the wrong type of coach or without putting in the work to define success for any coaching engagement, things can go very wrong.

If you’re on our site, you’re probably already pondering the above and trying to make tradeoffs based on your particular needs. Let us shine a bit of light on what we can do (and have done with many organizations just like yours)

Experience Matters.

Look over the fence to the big coaching elephant in the room: Executive Coaching (EC). EC has been around for a lot longer than Agile Coaching, and has seen a dramatic increase in it’s usage in the past decade as executives face constantly changing challenges in a constantly changing world. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Software Development (or Software Engineering or Digital Product Development) may be an even more dynamic industry with even more change. In the face of change, highly experienced and proven coaching can be the difference. Our Coaches are trained for exactly this, we have the certifications, the experience, and the proven track record to help you make moves and win. In fact, we can predict success.

Bespoke Approach.

In our world, change is constant and challenges are around every corner – and those challenges are often unique to you, your organization or your product. It’s this uniqueness that is likely the reason for your success to date, but is past success an indicator of future success? Oftentimes, what made you successful is different from what will make you even more successful. iXFORM is a bespoke approach that takes into account your individual circumstances and provides you with options that helps you see the forest for the trees. We promise to never “install SAFe and be done with it”.

Unique Techniques

Agile Coaching. You’re probably picturing a slightly off-center older person (coach) and younger, less-than-enthusiastic person (team member) sitting in a brightly-lit room discussing something highly irrelevant to the success of the next release due in two weeks time. You’d be wrong. As coaches, we go where the needs of the team or organization is. That means, that if we are told of impending doom due to the late scope changes to the release due in two weeks, we jump right in with both sleeves rolled up. Put simply, we enable deliverability and release predictability in a way that means you get to sleep the night of the release. Read that again. This is all to say that we have a vast toolbox, of which the tool of choice is totally dependent on the current need. Across our multiple coaches, we have expertise in all the Agile frameworks, Business Management, Executive Coaching, Engineering/Development, DevOps, Product Management, Organizational Communications, Lean, Systems, and much more. If we find ourselves working with a team that needs expertise that we don’t have, we simply call in the Coach with the specific expertise we need to deliver results. We work like a team, so that your team can work like a team.

Unlock Potential @ Scale

Are you a scrum shop? Maybe a SAFe, or Kanban, or one of the many other frameworks out there. And yet, no framework is going to solve your biggest challenge: unlocking your people’s potential. Yes, we have the certifications that make us experts in the above frameworks. Beyond that, however, we also have the ability to unlock high performance. Not just for one team (or one pod), but also at an organizational level. With all our experience in technology, business, and people – expect us to bring all our skills to bare when helping you solve your challenge. To scale, one must start with things that do not scale. This is where we leverage your management and leadership teams in a way that no other agency can. Unlocking your potential at scale is a product of unlocking your potential in your leadership ranks. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. With magnificent results.

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…have a think about what your goals are, because it will be the first question we ask. We’ll then sit with you to figure out what success will look like as we partner to level-up your performance.

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Tailor the Agile Program to Your Needs

  • 14 How to be Agile workshops, delivered in person, in your offices
    • Agile-as-a-Service: How it works
    • Technical Overview
    • Estimation
    • User Story Writing I
    • Executive Overview
    • Social Contract Creation
    • Roles & Responsibilities Mapping
    • Sprint Retrospective
    • Sprint Review
    • Definition of Done
    • User Story Writing II: Learn how to break down the largest of projects
    • Reporting & Burndown Setup
    • Coding Standards
    • DevOps: Prepare your team and organisation for Agile’s fast-paced release cycle
  • 8 vital cheatsheets
    • Anatomy of a Sprint
    • Anatomy of Scrum
    • Anatomy of a User Story
    • Roles & Responsibilities Cheatsheet
    • Sprint Retrospective Sample
    • Reporting & Burndown Cheatsheet
    • Anatomy of DevOps
    • Coding Standards Cheatsheet
  • Special deliveries, straight to your door
    • Agile Manifesto Agile 12 Principles posters
    • Social Contract poster
    • 5 decks of Planning Poker
  • Tooling set up and licences (12 months)
    • Axosoft – 1 user licence for each program participant
    • Scrummunicate – 20 licences for internal & external project stakeholders
  • Live Ask Me Anything sessions, every week for 12 months
  • Sprint Reporting for 12 months (26 sprints)

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