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Shai founded softsolutions to “debug the software industry” by providing exceptional Agile training and software development services.

About Shai Shandil

Shai Shandil is an Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Professional trained by Jeff Patton. He has worked in North America and Australia, with companies large and small, and with Scrum teams for over a decade. His background in software engineering, management, technology strategy and as an entrepreneur gives him a broad range of experience and nuanced perspectives.

Shai Shandil

“Agile is disruptive, and I love that it is disruptive because it really breaks an organisation. It shines a light on things that demand fixing and it teaches people how to be comfortable with that. Eventually.

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About softsolutions

softsolutions live and breathe Agile, through their Agile-as-a-Service training and change management program: embedded, 12 month training programs for Startups and Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with software development teams.

They also build bespoke software solutions for organizations in niche industries facing unique challenges that no existing software out there can solve.

Agile-as-a-Service (AaaS)

softsolutions’ Agile-as-a-Service training and change management framework delivers tooling, training, and theory over up to 12 workshops. They also provide sprint-by-sprint guidance and support for 12 months, which is an integral part of their clients’ successful Agile transitions. By embedding the training within the business, their clients begin to implement everything they learn as they learn it, which they strongly believe allows for better retention and better results.

Agile-as-a-Service program summary »

Without softsolution’s training, we would be in the same abyss where there was no authorisation of what needed to be done, no overall picture of what needed to be done and the work was prioritised based on the “squeaky wheel”.
Leanne Murray, ISM
LabWare Team Leader – Pacific Zone, DTS Food Assurance
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VISION: Debug the software development industry.

MISSION: Advancing the maturity of the software industry by leading software experts in their professional growth.


  • Try A Little Tenderness (come from the heart with every interaction)
  • Be Afraid That You’re Not Afraid (anything worth doing is scary at first)
  • Challenge Convention (inquisitivity changes the world)
  • Transparency (no jargon, no bullshit)
  • Enlightenment Breeds Enlightenment (learn from everyone; be generous with your wisdom)
  • Love What You Do (be proud of your purpose)
  • Be Raw, Be Real, Be Authentic (if you can’t be yourself, you won’t be yourself)

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